Q & A’s

Random Q & A’s

“Why are no other cameras allowed during our session?”

” Other cameras can be a distraction and often times interfere with your professional photos being taken; flashes offsetting my camera and other distracting noises and roaming eyes are prime examples.”

“On the mini sessions will a copyright be included?”

“Mini sessions are specials that are randomly offered; they are offered at a discounted price and usually include prints. If a CD is included this is for your own purposes not for reprinting as NO copyright is included with the mini prints. You may contact us up to a year for additional print orders.”

“how long before my pictures and or CD with be ready for viewing”

“2 weeks from the day following your session…. i.e. if we took them on a Saturday, it would be two weeks from Sunday before they would be ready; unless a special accommodation has been made.”

“why will the disc be mailed to me rather than picked up?”

“If you would like to pick up your disc you can, in my experience while sitting and reviewing photos with clients…. They love so many of their photos making a decision tends to be a bit difficult and stressful on the spot. Therefore, I mail the disc to clients so they may view at their convenience and not be pressured on the spot.”

“why pay pal and why is there a $3.00 fee?”

“For a small business owner pay pal is a safe secure method for for both me and my clients. They do charge a small middle man fee per transaction which adds $3.00 on to your transaction with me. Using pay pal allows you to confirm your session promptly in advance.”

“why do I have to pay tax on photography services and prints?”

“Photographers who provide a “tangible product” need to collect sales tax for the service that produced that product.

What’s a “tangible product?” CDs DVDs, thumb drive, memory cards and prints would be examples of a tangible product.”


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